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Jennifer Lopez Fakes
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Jennifer Lopez Fakes

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2012-Nov-7 03:41 - Jennifer Lopez Dildo Fake
Now Jennifer Lopez gets faked in a rather peculiar way, with her pussy being exposed and stuffed. Those beautiful pussies are always so cock-hungry!

jennifer lopez dildo fake

2012-May-21 22:44 - Gracefully Yours Jennifer Lopez
That is how Jennifer could sign her letters to you if she was your pen friend. Well really, doesn't she look extremely graceful, being represented as a gymnast girl? Those chiselled legs, that adorable slender body... As for the absence of pants on her hips, it only adds a tempting touch to the whole picture.

pantiless gymnast jennifer lopez

See also Emma Watson demonstrating her straight and flexible legs, and hot Charlize Theron practising gymnastics in the nude.

2012-Jan-15 23:27 - Jennifer Lopez Hottest Fakes

Another hot fake in our selection of Jennifer Lopez hottest fakes. In fact, Jennifer only has to put down her leg, and she will only look very sexy, not at all exposed. But she is holding her leg raised, spreading her pussy lips wide, trying to look as hot as she can, even without getting perfectly naked.


semi-nude jennifer lopez tries to look in the hottest possible way


Sandra Bullock has fun playing with her pussy

Britney Spears shows off her hot crotch


2011-Dec-1 03:48 - Jennifer Lopez Buttocks

Well-exposed and naturally spread, these buttocks can really make Jennifer Lopez feel proud of. And a bit of white underwear left on that gorgeous bum makes a striking and exciting contrast with Jennifer's black hair.


jennifer lopez exposes her nude buttocks


Scarlett Johansson Nude Ass Fake


2011-Oct-21 02:08 - Jennifer Lopez Posing Naked By The Swimming Pool

No doubt, any bikini is absolutely unnecessary for such a beautiful body, and Jennifer Lopez is well aware of that when she come out perfectly nude to swim and pose by the swimming pool.

nude jennifer lopez poses by the swimming pool


Nude Britney Spears goes for a swim


2011-Sep-27 04:13 - Jennifer Lopez Pussy

Jennifer Lopez gets lose and dirty to show you her trimmed hairy pussy. See Jennifer Lopez pulling off her panties crotch string to reveal her vagina. Also, take notice of the straight look in Jennifer's shameless eyes as she moves her legs apart in a lewd manner to temp you into some wanking.

jennifer lopez shows off her hairy pussy


Pantiless Jennifer Aniston Playing With A Dildo


2011-Aug-22 06:45 - Jennifer Lopez Porn

Enjoy watching Jennifer Lopez getting fucked doggy-style in a hot porn episode! To have some sex, they went out into the backyard, and Jennifer put her face with some other girl's smooth nude body at the crew's disposal to make one of the hottest fake porn photo sessions, taking cock into each of her pretty holes.

fake jennifer lopez porn

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2011-Jul-15 05:09 - Jennifer Lopez XXX

Jennifer Lopez Porn - Jennifer Lopez Sex Scene - Fake Jennifer Lopez getting ready to be Fucked. We can add a lot more titles to this X-rated fake image of Jennifer Lopez watching her aiming a hardened cock into her crotch... Oh man, she looks so great as an XXX movie star!

Jennifer Lopez XXX Fake

Shakira XXX Fake

2011-Jun-5 23:12 - Jennifer Lopez Tits

jennifer lopez tits

Famous star Jennifer Lopez is represented with rather impressive tits in this fake. Altough being obviously pumped with silicone, these boobs are so nicely shaped that one may hardly dream of anything looking better. And the picturescue background adds a specially romantic touch to Jennifer's nudity. ''The Call of Nature'' sounds an appropriate title for the pic.

Lindsay Lohan Tits

2011-Jun-2 02:50 - Jennifer Lopez Bum

jennifer lopez bum

Fancy Jennifer Lopez boasting her bum! Stark naked Jennifer Lopez showing off her curvy ass! A nice piece of mouth-watering horny flesh, with a tempting crotch seen between the meaty buttocks! An amazing sight!

Jennifer Aniston Bum

2011-May-8 06:54 - Jennifer Lopez Sex

An explicit Jennifer Lopez Sex Scene. Jennifer Lopez having sex with a man wearing an undershirt. As for Jennifer, she is wearing an open bra and a pair of white fishnet stockings, very sexy. And the man's cock is already stuck into Jennifer's pussy. Hardcore sex with Jennifer Lopez? Yes! Why not? The pic is fake, but the sex episode is amazing.

Reese Witherspoon Sex

jennifer lopez sex

2011-Apr-12 03:14 - Jennifer Lopez Sexy

jennifer lopez sexyJennifer Lopez Sexy Fake. Neither too hot, nor too explicit, but just sexy. However, some very private sexy details are available, too. What can this sexy garment of Jennifer Lopez be called? A swimming suit? A night gown? Some sort of lingerie? It's hard to say. But it is just very sexy and leaves very little of Jennifer Lopez hidden from our eyes. See a few more sexy models, such as Hilary Duff, or Miley Cyrus, a good complement to sexy Jennifer Lopez.


2011-Mar-31 00:04 - Jennifer Lopez Butt

jennifer lopez buttJennifer Lopez Butt fake. And we may call this butt a 'one million dollars butt'! A nice present for Jennifer Lopez, isn't it? Bravo, maestro! No one can sit still seeing this perfect ass, all wet and soapy. You may also compare this Jennifer Lopez's butt to some other butts, fakes too:

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Anna Kournikova's Butt, or

Jennifer Aniston's Ass


2011-Mar-21 01:03 - Jennifer Lopez Nude

jennifer lopez nudeJennifer Lopez Nude Presentation, just nude and that's all. No action, no special posing, no hints at something else, just a slender nude body given to Jennifer Lopez to show off. Well, yes, the bare pussy lips are seen nicely, too.

See more of nude Jennifer Lopez.


2011-Mar-3 02:02 - Jennifer Lopez Fucking

jennifer lopez fuckingSee Jennifer Lopez fucking a guy in a toilet room. To be precise, see Jennifer Lopez being fucked into her ass by a guy in a toilet room. Jennifer is almost nude here, only wearing a fishnet which fits her legs and body tightly. A funny combination of the girl's sweaty bum and an intense expression of Jennifer's face indicates that this fucking session was outstandingly hot!

See this Jennifer Lopez Fucking Fake full-size!

2011-Feb-10 01:54 - Jennifer Lopez Pants Down Fake
jennifer lopez pants down fakeYou have seen enough of Jennifer Lopez in full dress. Isn't it time to see the girl with no clothes on? No, she will not take her panties for you in an ordinary life, but when it comes to fakes, everything becomes possible, even seeing a famous person perfectly naked. This fake of Jennifer Lopez does not present all of her slim body, but her pants are already taken off.